The history of Abrahe Gostar

Nishapur Abrahe Gostar Company was launched on 1373 (1994) in producing PVC pipes in Khorasan province and on 1376 (1997) in regard to suitable marketplace of polyethylene pipes converted its lines from PVC to PE. After application license of standard emblem for the product of these lines and integrating and equipping the lines with world’s new technology, become one of the prominent manufacturers in this industry.

Therefore, over a decade of expertise combined with experience of managers and staff and having advanced machineries and using first degree raw material (heavy polyethylene with high density) is among indicators of this company and in this regard in order to ensure dear customers and consumers, in terms of correct application offers its products with minimum five years of factory warranty and 10 years insurance warranty.

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Honors and awards

Abrahe Gostar Company has received Iran’s standard emblem No. 1331 (according German DIN standard) for polyethylene pipe products in all sizes with PE63, PE80 and PE100 materials. All company products have endorsement of the Ministry of Agriculture, Confirmation of watering place by Niroo Trading & Engineering Company, in addition to confirmation of Water and Sewage companies. Meanwhile the company to assure consumers has insured its products under for 10 years upon contract with Iran Insurance.


The efforts of managers and employees of Abrahe Gostar Company is to improve production methods, accurate quality control and providing related after-sales services to satisfy customers and consumers that is the most important element of management policy in order to stand on the platform of prominence vis-à-vis other manufacturing companies. To achieve this end our quality assurance system is based upon the National standard demands. By the same token, the related systems and work methods are presented in company’s quality manual.

Projects and Cooperation

Oil and gas refineries projects
Industrial Zone projects
water and sewage companies
Agriculture Organizations
Steel complexes projects
Under-pressure irrigation projects